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The mission of TrapDoor Ensemble is to create quality theatrical performances fully utilizing the talents of dedicated and committed individuals from the community who share a desire to create productions that entertain, invoke serious thought and debate, and result in an uplifting of the spirit of those in attendance. 

Further, it is our intention, through clear artistic vision, creative fundraising, and efficient and effective administration, to be able to provide to youth and to those less fortunate in the community a place where we can gather together to bring forth hope and possibility through the art of live performance.

The Founders, Board of Directors and Charter Members of TrapDoor Ensemble possess a combined wealth of talent and experience that could never be found in a for-profit company because the cost of engaging the talents of this caliber of artists and business professionals would be prohibitive. Their contribution of skills, know-how, acumen, wherewithal and, above all, commitment to the vision of the company will create an artistic phenomenon in the community that has heretofore not been realized.

All production photographs by Logan Alexander

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